Addressing the digital gender gap in Emilia-Romagna

Michela De Biasio and Barbara Santi are working on addressing the digital gender gap in the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy, one of the challenges identified in Emilia-Romagna’s Digital Valley Common Good strategy. They aim to set an example and inspire other Italian regions, and even countries.

How the City of Tallinn uses digital twins

During the UserCentriCities summit in May 2023, it once again became apparent that Estonia is at the forefront of digitalization. Something that can also be seen in Tallin’s efforts related to urban and city planning with digital twins. Christopher Raitviir shares the details of Tallin’s smart city approach.

‘The main role of the city is to care about the citizens’     

We’re all working on user centricity, putting user needs first. We know it’s important. But can we even grasp just how important it is? Ukraine’s Kyiv Digital app demonstrates just how necessary a user centric focus by governments is. Oleg Polovynko, Adviser to the Mayor of Kyiv City on Digitalization, shares Kyiv’s and Ukraine’s story about user centricity in times of war.

Milan sets the benchmark for user-centricity

Layla Pavone, coordinator of the board of Technological Innovation and Transformation of the municipality of Milan share how Milan works on user centricity.

“Proactive services should be the norm”

City of Ghent has made an impression with its proactive services. Services where the user truly comes first. What do these services entail? And what can we learn from Ghent? Sarah Spiessens from the City of Ghent tells all.