UCC Café February 2024

During the monthly UCC Café, UCC community members exchange ideas and knowledge on user-centric governmental services based on examples in practice. The goal is to inspire each other and learn from each other with presentations on cases from members.


UCC members from Emilia-Romagna, Barbara Santi and Michela De Biasio, will discuss different user centric projects surrounding gender gaps.

Barbara and Michela both work on the digital agenda of the Emilia-Romagna region. They have a strong focus on combatting social injustice. With the help of EU money, they carry out projects aimed at reducing the gap between men and women in the field of digital skills. On February 13th, they will for instance talk about gaps between men and women in digital skills, but also in entrepreneurship. They will share their knowledge and experience on how to address these issues with different projects. For instance, workshops they’re giving, the organization of summer schools for girls to elevate their digital skills, and doing extensive analyses of regions for innovation that are connected to gender gaps in specific areas and how to solve them. 

We’re in the midst of determining the exact programme. We will of course give you an update on the programme once it’s ready. But be sure to mark your calendar!

When and where

The UCC Café will take place on February 13th from 10:00-11:00h (CET) online via Microsoft Teams.

Joining the event

For UCC members

All UCC members will be invited to join the event and will be sent all information and details.

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